Telecommunications & IT

In the digital world of telecommunications and IT solutions, there are numerous applications for our markers. From the very beginning of the first GSM network, we have been delivering our markers to telecommunications operators, cable television companies, network installers, and customers big and small. In fact anyone who need a durable and simple method of describing their networks, from small computer networks to entire data centres.

Construction of GSM stations

The efficient operation of each relay station, also referred to as a base station or BTS, depends on power supply, optical and transmission cabinets, as well as transceivers, which may be mounted in rooms or high above the ground on telecommunications masts. All these components, connected with DC, FO and RF cables, require legible, durable markings that are resistant to ageing and sunlight.

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Data centre equipment

Modern business operations depend on the efficient operation of computer systems. In the selection of data centre equipment a series of factors must be considered to increase the safety and reliability of operation. In the data centre every patch panel, every cable terminal and every equipment port must be marked. To facilitate the entire marking process of structural networks, we recommend our range of marker printers, cable markers and self-adhesive labels.

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Network installation

Cable networks are installed everywhere: from telecommunications networks to home networks. In addition to the correct marking of cables and connections, it is important to route them properly, bundle wires together, and secure them from environmental factors. We supply the markers, tools and cable accessories necessary for the installation of all types of networks.

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