Power generation

The power generation industry is one in which we have a wealth of experience. You will find our products in modern power plants and CHP stations, household supply connections and ICT systems of industrial and public utility facilities. Wherever durable marking of electrical wires, cables and equipment are needed.

Marking switchgear

Switchgear consist of connections, buses and insulation components used to control and protect electrical equipment in electric power systems. To ensure safe operation, switchgear components must be labelled with clear and durable markings. Our universal marking system consists of: cable markers, markers for the power supply and control cables, marking of terminal strips, and marking of components, i.e. contactors, relays, lights and buttons and nameplates.

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Overhead lines

Our range also includes signs and labels used for the identification of poles and overhead lines, and signs with phase markings.

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Transformer marking

Block and grid transformers often operate under extreme conditions so all components used to build them must be exceptionally durable. Dedicated solutions by Partex include:- durable steel nameplates, embossed steel carrier strip markers, single character stainless steel markers and 316 grade stainless steel cable ties for mounting cables.

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Marking buried cables

Energy cables laid in the ground must be resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and corrosion. The same requirements apply to cable markers, they must be durable and legible for as long the projected service life of the system, up to 30 years. Our range includes solutions that have been accepted by energy companies responsible for energy distribution worldwide.

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Identification of control cables, control and measurement instrumentation and automation

We have many years of experience in control and measurement equipment marking, in industrial facilities, power plants, CHP stations and steelworks. Partex solutions in this field include: KKS stainless steel markers, labels and signs for valves, controller, sensors and other measurement equipment, and control panel markers

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ICT and electrical systems

We are experts in the identification of ICT systems. Our products are used for the identification of the cameras, wires and components of: safety systems, fire protection systems, telecommunications systems, BMS and HMS building automation and low voltage electrical systems. Each of our markers is also available in an alternative, halogen-free version. Using halogen-free materials is of particular importance in public buildings and utilities.

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Cable runs

Cables running in cable trays can be bundled together and attached to trays using stainless steel ties, coated stainless steel ties or plastic cable ties. Solid mounting is of particular importance with cables in vertical trays. To identify the run, we can provide signs or colour labels with your marking information.

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Solar energy

We manufacture comprehensive identification solutions for entire solar farms that can withstand the continuous impact of direct sunlight, water and wide temperature ranges. Our dedicated products for this industry include: UV-resistant photovoltaic wire and cable markers, outdoor PV inverter markings, high and low temperature resistant self-adhesive labels, strong cable ties for bundling cables, PV wire crimp terminals and tooling.

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Pipelines and tanks

Marking pipelines with coloured labels and arrows is required by UK and European standards. Labels are placed on pipelines to ensure quick visual identification: their colour provides content information, i.e. vapour, water, acid etc; the arrow indicates the direction of flow. In addition to the content type marking, the pipeline should be marked with a sign including, for example, its name and KKS number. For the permanent marking of tanks, we use high quality materials, resistant to environmental conditions. Laser-engraving or colour UV-printing ensure legibility for years.

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