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16th to 20th June,2016

HALL Name - Mitsubishi 

Partex stall Number - B122

Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai, India 

Elecrama 2016 EXHIBITION

13th to 17th February,2016

HALL No - 3A

Partex stall Number - HB7  

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre,Bangalore,India

Automation 2014 Exhibition

Automation 2014 Exhibition

15-18 October,2014
Bombay Exhibition Centre,Goregaon (E), Mumbai,India
Stall No: F19 Hall No:1

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand's work in India and Africa shows, when given support    and training, women living in poverty can develop into successful    entrepreneurs running small family companies. Women are usually the    guardians of their children’s future and demonstrate a high level of    responsibility when given the opportunity to invest a micro credit in their    businesses. Research shows that on average, women who live in poverty use    92 cents of each extra dollar of income to improve their children’s health    and education. Hand in Hand provides microfinance loans via a group-lending    model. Repayment of the disbursed micro credits is 99.4%

Hand in Hand have reached impressive results after 7 years of work in    India. 850,000 women have been mobilized in Self Help Groups creating more    than 1.16 million jobs. This means that hundreds of thousands of children    have been brought back from labour to school. On top of that almost 3,000    citizen centres/IT facilities have been established, health checks for    290,000 people have been carried out under the Health and Hygiene Programme    and 307,000 households are covered by waste management under the    Environmental Protection Programme.

We at Partex will finance Hand in Hands work in the small Indian village    Panapuram. Panapuram has around 3,600 inhabitants and is located near    Bangalore, where Partex India is based. In total the project will last for    two years and we will report its progress every three months. The reporting    of the project will be dealt by our three “Partex ambassadors”: Anne    Katrine Åhlén Grundel (Partex Sweden), Johnathan Pilling (Partex UK) and    Tomasz Dembkowski from Partex Poland. Sophie Lööf, part owner of Partex,    will also be involved with the project.

Elecrama 2014 EXHIBITION


8th to 12th January,2014

Stall No: H6D101

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre,Bangalore,India


PKS: New sizes

Due to enhanced production methods we are now able to offer our stainless steel marker in additional sizes. The new sizes gives us a complete range of premium stainless steel makers and accessories to fit all applications. The new widths are; 19mm, 25,4mm 32mm and 36mm. Each of width comes in at least five different lengths. Our largest stainless steel marker measures 36 x 130mm and can contain a maximum of 41 characters per row over four rows!

New cable marker

PPQ+ i a new, flat, cable marker for printing in Partex MK10 or MK10-DH. PPQ+ is delivered on 20m reels and comes half-cut with pre-punched holes for eacy application with cable ties. PPQ+ is avaliable in three different widths; 10mm, 19mm and 38mm, all widths with different lengths. The profile will be avaliable in white and yellow.
PPQ+ in different sizes Half cut continuous profile Mounted with cable ties
 Click here to get the full specification of PPQ - or contact Partex for additional information.

New product: PP+

From 15th of April PP will be replaced PP+. PP+ has a coated layer to ensure longer shelf-life, as well as a flatter surface which gives a better and more reliable print. The new properties also make it possible to print closer to the edges of the profile. PP+ will be delivered in 17m or 50m rolls.

Our old PP-profile will still be available for the next 3 months but a longer deliver time. After 3 months PP will be removed from our product range.


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